Tell It Like It Is Interview Series with Actress/Model Deborah Funes

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Thirteen years ago, Deborah decided to move from her country of Argentina to Miami. A Few months after her arrival and looking fora job in her career of advertising, she was approached by an Italian company to be their exclusive lingerie model. This break into the modeling world provided her with great exposure.

Her pictures were everywhere…magazines, postcards, posters, etc. Photographers and agencies, were knocking on her door. Soon, she began appearing in TV commercials for “MTV”,”Play Boy TV” videos and popular Latin TV Shows.
In 2005,the original Baywatch producers chose her from hundreds of talents for a pilot TV series. This experience was the beginning of her acting career in the American market.
In 2007 she had a supporting role in a short film “Closing Arguments”, “My Kitten” film and a major speaking role in “Scream Farm” a feature film.

Interview with Deborah Funes

What sort of experience have you encountered while working with a screenwriter?I have had some amazing experiences with screenwriters. Some scriptwriters have great ideas , they know the concept and have the synopsis of the film in mind. They find inspiration in my image, energy, and attitude and offer me a nice role.

One of the projects I am excited about is “The Devil’s Choice,” a feature film. The script won’t be finished until later this year, but I was offered the lead role because I match what the writer Marlene Mendoza had in mind for the main character. The film will be done in 2015.

Do you feel that a screenwriter can help an actor/actress career?

Screenwriters some times are the cast directors, the directors, and or the producers of their films so they can help the actor’s careers. Many times they pick the actors without an audition because they know exactly what they want. They have in mind the personality, the age range, the voice, the attitude, etc of each character. A decent role always helps the actor/actress careers.

Do you become totally immersed in your character and how do you do it?

I do become totally immersed in my character because I have to know the inner motivation of the character, her personality, feelings,lifestyle, social environment, ambitions, and fears.

These aspects become part of me and I transform my inner self to become what I have in mind. The characters personality transforms my own personality, because I become her. My facial features also change a little.

While in character, have you ever offered changes to the script such as changing action or dialogue?

I don’t ask for changes when I am on set that’s not the right time to do that. When my role is small, I will ask the writer to give me more lines and normally they add more because they want me to get more exposure on their films.

Have you ever written a script or been involved writing or editing one?

Yes, I have written scripts for TV commercials and slogans for advertising campaigns during my days at the university and while working for some agencies in Argentina.

I have started writing a novel and I hope that some day my book will become a script for my own movie. There are many things about screenwriting I still need to learn.

What do you look for in a script?

A script should be simple and easy to understand. Many scripts are so complicated and they go back and forth. The writer may use too may back stories which can be confusing if not done properly.

The story should be exciting and should keep the attention of the person who is reading it. I do not have the time to sit down for hours to listen to monotonous dialogues and conversations. Each minute should mean something.

As for reading scripts, I only will go through a script if the writer, director or producer wants me for a role.

Thank you Deborah so much for doing this interview. Your answers were awesome and we now know how a busy actress feels about the world of screenwriters and screenwriting. Congratulations on landing a role in Marlene Mendoza’s new film The Mob.

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